Educate Yourself

Important Facts:

RMC would like you to be very aware of credit fraud and let you know what you can do to avoid it. Please be very careful with your personal identification information and who you allow to access your bank accounts. If you are not aware credit fraud runs rampant throughout the internet, then we are sincerely glad you are reading this. There are plethoras of alluring schemes flowing throughout the internet disguised as prizes, deals and even concerning messages that require an urgent response. These all have something in common, they try and siphon your hard earned savings via access to all of your personal accounts.

The story below is an actual example of credit fraud as told per one of our co-founders Louis Tadman.

I have firsthand experience in becoming part of a credit crooks elaborate scheme and fell victim to deceit. This frustrating experience has become the fuel which burns the fire of my desire to help people who have been taken advantage of. Several years back I was the store manager of my very own Zales Jewelers. If you aren't already familiar with the diamond business, security is one of the utmost precautions. Being personably responsible for over 3 million dollars in inventory I took no acceptations to the rules. We counted the merchandise each and every night to assure an accurate count as well as verify each receipt a second time to make sure there were no fishy transactions. In the diamond business monitoring for credit fraud is necessary practice.

During one particular evening of the holiday shopping season a lovely looking couple came in to our store and shopped around while one of my associates spent over an hour helping them. They took their time browsing watches, modest diamond rings and an array of gemstone clearance items. All of these items were on the less expensive side of our inventory so of course no suspicious activity was observed. After their hour of browsing they had picked out five items for a total of $2800. When asked how they wanted to pay they choose credit like most consumers today. As with all customers he handed us his credit card and obliged to show a Washington State ID that had a picture and name matching the name on the credit card and we completed the purchase. Unbeknownst to us we had been duped. The man stole someone else’s bank information and somehow made a card with his name on it. He duplicated a card, the magnetic strip, and a Washington State ID.

It took until 2pm the following day when we received a call from a lady in New York City. Her concerned voice asked why her account had been charged $2800 and told us she had never been to Washington State before. Unfortunately, we all had a long arduous process which a head of us. Luckily, this eventually ended with the arrest of the couple who committed fraud. The important message from this is that although most of us are careful with our cards and personal information there are people out there that can and will take advantage of us when the opportunity presents itself, so please be careful.