About Us

RockMyCredit.com takes pride in being the Northwest's most dedicated Credit Counseling Partnership and Consumer Credit Improvement Company. Our company applies a hands on personalized approach to helping our clients understand the complexities of their FICO credit scores, while helping look for ways to improve them. Our unique credit improvement system can have an immediate impact on credit scores in as little as 45 Days but our system is much more than a simple increase in credit scores.

We are interested in helping our clients be able to understand their credit reports and how each item on the report in turn affects the outcome of their credit score. Our company also teaches best practices in keeping a high credit rating for the future. It is our hope we will be able to help our clients relive themselves from debt and get their credit in a position which will allow them to accumulate wealth.

There are many negative impacts of a poor credit history ranging from not being able to qualify for a home or auto loan, being denied a job or even paying thousands of dollars more in interest over the term of any loan than a prime loan candidate (check our credit education section for more details). We started as a company dedicated to helping first time home buyers who were unable to qualify for a mortgage even though they could afford it, to being able to qualify with the best rates.

We soon realized there were many more people suffering from the ill effects of poor credit and decided to dedicate our business to assiting first time home buyers and people with sub-par credit. In short, the primary goal of RMC is to help people better their lives and help free them from the burden of a poor credit history. We look forward to hearing from you and how we may be able to help improve your lifestyle.